I'm struggling to write a new book. Often it feels like nothing is happening and I'll never figure out how to make the story come together. But today I came across two things which gave me a little bit of a boost in that they reminded me to be patient. I thought I'd share them here to help me not forget.

"...if you can think of the difficult moments in your life, if you can feel them as that part of the creative process and know that though very painful [...] that it is working, that it is creating, it just isn't the finished product..."
-Corita Kent speaking about how creativity has seasons.  Listen to the full recording here: http://mocacleveland.org/media/artcasts/corita-kent-relates-phases-creativity-seasons

(I came across this on Austin Kleon's lovely blog. Also, I'm thrilled that there's a Corita Kent exhibit opening art the Portland Art Musuem tomorrow! Portland friends - let me know if you want to go see it with me.)

The second thing I came across was this amazing little guy solving a Rubiks cube - so much thinking before action!


Portland event - First Books fundraiser - Breweries For Books!!!

Please come by Migration Brewing on Wednesday, July 20th and join me in supporting First Book Portland. I'll have copies of both Hannah and Sugar and The Summer Nick Taught His Cats to Read to sell and I'll donate 10% of my proceeds to First Book. I'll have a little story time and we'll do some fun activities for kids! There'll be trivia for grownups and 10% of your food and drink purchases will go to First Book.

Spread the word and I hope to see you there!


summertime and the real world

I'm trying a little experiment this summer. I'm taking a social media break! I've deactivated my accounts and erased the little apps from my phone. I'm hoping to spend a little less time sitting at my computer and a little more time out in the world with people. My plan is to take the month of June off and come back in July. Maybe I'll even write a blog post about the experiment after it's all done.... maybe...

Happy summer!


a HANNAH and SUGAR song!

 The wonderfully charming children's musician Emily Arrow has created a new song based on HANNAH AND SUGAR! She's visiting Portland this weekend and will be performing 3 times.
I'll be at the Atlas Scoops performance tomorrow at 3:30p. I'll bring books to sell and sign and bookmarks too! Here's the set list for that show:


Hannah and Sugar readers

It makes me very happy to see pictures of kids reading HANNAH AND SUGAR. So far, this has been the best part of making a picture book. Seeing real kids reading MY book! It's amazing.



And here's my 90 year old Nana with HANNAH AND SUGAR. She's an incredibly creative woman - she sews, writes, paints, crochets, and crafts and she's always picking up some new project to try. I'm very lucky to have her as my grandmother. 

Thanks for always being an inspiration, Nana!


Hannah and Sugar release party

Hannah and Sugar was released on March 8th! It's been such a fun couple of weeks. Powell's Books hosted me for a fabulous launch party. It was a wonderful experience to celebrate the release of my book in the bookstore I used to work at. Many thanks to all the folks who came out to support me and to Powell's for hosting!


books and marriage

All kinds of excitement around here.

First off - I got married!

And when I got home from my honeymoon my publisher gave me permission to share the cover of my first book, HANNAH AND SUGAR. Due out March 8th, 2016! Pre order it from Powell's Books here. 

Life has been pretty good. 


coming up for air

Oh wow, it's been much too long since I posted! I've been so busy making illustrations that I haven't had time for anything else!

The good news is that I've now turned in final art for my first two picture books! Yay!

Also, I just spoke at the Oregon Coast Children's Book Writer's Workshop out in Oceanside, OR. It was a great time - I met some wonderful folks, ate some delicious food and thoroughly enjoyed the amazing ocean views. Many thanks to David Greenberg and family for hosting!

During my presentation I shared a photo of a pile of my favorite books about story telling, children's books and creativity. Here it is for anyone who was there and missed some of the titles and for those of you who weren't but might be interested:


Wise words

My critique group pal Susan Boase shared this speech with me. I found it so moving I just had to share.  In it Holly McGhee shares interesting stories from the careers of her clients, such as David Small and Kate DiCamillo (two of my favorites.) And she also shares her own story of becoming a writer and dealing with the doubtful inner voice. What a wonderful speech! So full of wisdom.

I also just listened to this interview with Mary Oliver and would recommend you do too:


more anti-valentine love

Another lovely blogger put together an anti-Valentine's Day collection and included my love stinks card.

thanks Anya!


greeting card news

My anti-valentine was featured in an apartmenttherapy.com post
That was pretty great.

Also, I just added a few new card designs to my Etsy shop.