Learn how I illustrate a book - this SATURDAY at 2pm!

TOPIC: Illustrating a picture book 
"Curious about what to expect when you land your first picture book contract?! Kate Berube and Deborah Hocking will share the process of illustrating a book from the first email of an editor expressing interest to the very last step of approving color proofs. Most publishing houses follow the same general conventions around how a picture book is produced. They will share those basic steps. 
Although the basic steps are the same, every publishing house, editor and artist will have slightly different systems for doing things. So, Kate and Debbie will also each share their own unique methods and experiences. They will describe how they: decide whether to agree to the job, develop characters, determine page breakdown, create sketches, handle editing and art direction, create final art samples, survive the long hours of painting final art, conceive of the book cover design, and deliver art. Kate will also share a bit about how the things differ when one is both the author and the illustrator."

My friend Debbie and I will be sharing the steps it takes to illustrate a picture book this
Saturday, March 18th
at 2pm 
at the Tabor Space 
on 5441 SE Belmont in Portland, OR. 

The talk is open to anyone. It costs between $8-12 depending on if you're a member of SCBWI and if you pre-register. Head here for more info and to pre-register: https://oregon.scbwi.org/events/marc-2017-the-next-level/

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