Tater Totter number 2!

Hip hip hooray!

I've just finished up the second issue of my zine for kids.  Find it for purchase here Tater Totter #2 at etsy 

I'm super duper excited to have some work by the very talented Ben Clanton in this issue!  Just look at the great cover of his next book, The Table Sets Itself.  His work is fabulous, I'm sure you'll agree. 

Also included is a piece written by my 88 year old grandmother.  She sent me a submission for this issue within days of receiving the first issue.  I do believe my creative drive comes in no small part from her genes!  She is always making something.  Here's a photo of her a couple of months ago (she's holding her newest great-grandchild, my niece Lilyana):

With the help of these awesome contributors Tater Totter #2 is ten times better than the first!  I've learned so much and feel quite pleased with it.

If you're interested in subscribing I can take paypal payments.  Just be in touch.  I have grand plans for issue #3.  But I've decided to keep it to two issues a year to give myself time to work on other projects. Issue #3 will be out in November.

I've also been busy moving.  I have a lovely new studio and home.  I've been pecking away at both of these tasks for the last couple of months and am excited to move on to new projects!  I have a story about a dog in the works and a few new greeting cards that will be available on etsy soon.  

Happy Spring everyone!

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Can't wait to see the new issue!