Wearing 2 hats - SCBWI

My local chapter of SCBWI hosted a little gathering last Saturday for us folks who wear two hats in kids publishing - as author AND illustrator.  It was really lovely.  I love to hang out with other people who love kids books and I love to talk and hear about kids books - it was the perfect Saturday!

When a bunch of illustrators sit around listening to a presentation, a lot of doodles get made.  Here's just a couple of mine from the day.

One of the themes that kept coming up was a comparison to all parts of children's publishing and dating. Apparently finding an editor, agent, publisher, etc is "just like dating." UGH!  Dating is the worst!  But I am trying to take the positive message away from that analogy.  Not every person you go on a date with will love you or be right for you - that doesn't mean there's something wrong with you.  So it goes in publishing - not everyone will like your work but that doesn't mean it's bad work.  And not every publisher is right for you.  One just needs to find the right match and let the magic happen!

IN other news - As of 4:30 this morning I have a new baby niece!!!  Hooray!  Can't wait to head to head out east to meet her!

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