Tater Totter!!!

(Imagine trumpets tooting - doo doo do doooot!)
My little magazine - Tater Totter - is here!  It's a variety magazine for kids; with stories, poems, activities, and a comic.  Most of it's written and illustrated by me, but I'm quite lucky to have two poems by the brilliant children's musician and writer - Benjamin Boyce.  And one of the stories is written and illustrated completely by kids!  (Thanks Riley and Penny!  You are the best!)

I had so much fun making this little guy.  I wanted to create something I could put out into the world faster than a picture book (which take years!)  It's a fabulous way for me to practice writing and drawing for kids. 

Here are my little friends Jack and Oli reading Tater Totter.  They loved it!  I could see just a couple parts which were a little boring or confusing to them - what a great learning tool for me!  Mostly they seemed to love it and every time I've visited them since, Tater Totter was still being discussed and was out in their play space (not tucked away on some bookshelf, forgotten.)  Success!
Here's the drawing activity Oli really enjoyed doing.  I love it!

The folks at Quimby's have this to say about Tater Totter:
"Gleeful new zine for kids - stories, activities, games, maniacal illustrations and a love poem to pickles n' cheese."

You can purchase the first issue here - for $5.
(I'm also going to be offering a subscription, but I'm still working that one out - expect it to be available soon!)

As far as brick and mortars, you can find Tater Totter at:
Powell's Books on Hawthorne in Portland
Quimby's Bookstore in Chicago
(Check back for more on this list soon!)

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on putting this out there, Kate! Having read the whole thing I can attest to it's fun factor (high). I'm running down to Powell's on Hawthorne to pick up my copy!

Susan B