warm up collages

Back in May I started a new sketchbook.  I decided to make a warm up collage or two in it each morning before I started drawing, as a way to remind myself how to make an image playfully.  The collages were not going to be posted on here or anywhere, nor shared with anyone.  It was designed to give me a place to really make ugly and bad things and not worry about it.  I filled up the last page of the sketchbook yesterday!  It has been a wonderful exercise, one that I plan to keep in my morning routine.

But now that all sixty some odd pages are filled I think I'm ready to share a couple of my favorites.  Here some are:

I would highly recommend this exercise to every visual artist.  Not only does it really get the creative juices flowing but it is a great way to use up all those little bits of ephemera that gather around the studio;  bus tickets, business cards, grocery lists, doodles, junk mail, really anything at all!

(I should add that this idea most likely came to me from the wonderful keri smith.  I think?  Well, even if not it is always nice to have an excuse to share her blog with others.)


dasha said...

I am so impressed and proud of you! I can NEVER finish a sketchbook of any kind.
And you KNOW I LOVE the collages you do.

kate said...

thanks sweet! I was thinking of you when I typed the bit about not sharing them with anyone and was considering mentioning that a little spy did perhaps find her way to them when someone was off at work. hm...

martha grover said...

I love the envelope one- with the people looking out- like in train- soooo awesome!!