I'm struggling to write a new book. Often it feels like nothing is happening and I'll never figure out how to make the story come together. But today I came across two things which gave me a little bit of a boost in that they reminded me to be patient. I thought I'd share them here to help me not forget.

"...if you can think of the difficult moments in your life, if you can feel them as that part of the creative process and know that though very painful [...] that it is working, that it is creating, it just isn't the finished product..."
-Corita Kent speaking about how creativity has seasons.  Listen to the full recording here: http://mocacleveland.org/media/artcasts/corita-kent-relates-phases-creativity-seasons

(I came across this on Austin Kleon's lovely blog. Also, I'm thrilled that there's a Corita Kent exhibit opening art the Portland Art Musuem tomorrow! Portland friends - let me know if you want to go see it with me.)

The second thing I came across was this amazing little guy solving a Rubiks cube - so much thinking before action!


LeeAnn Rizzuti said...

I agree-- waiting for that spark, that random thought to coalesce into a working draft isn't easy. Thanks for the reminders that it is an unavoidable part of the creative process.
As for the Rubik's kid? Wow doesn't even begin to cover it.

kate said...

It's so true - patience is NOT easy. And yeah, I can't believe what that kid does is even possible - so impressive!