coming up for air

Oh wow, it's been much too long since I posted! I've been so busy making illustrations that I haven't had time for anything else!

The good news is that I've now turned in final art for my first two picture books! Yay!

Also, I just spoke at the Oregon Coast Children's Book Writer's Workshop out in Oceanside, OR. It was a great time - I met some wonderful folks, ate some delicious food and thoroughly enjoyed the amazing ocean views. Many thanks to David Greenberg and family for hosting!

During my presentation I shared a photo of a pile of my favorite books about story telling, children's books and creativity. Here it is for anyone who was there and missed some of the titles and for those of you who weren't but might be interested:


Sheryl Murray said...

Yay! Well done Kate! Can't wait to hold one of your books!

kate said...

Thank you Sheryl! I hope you're doing really well! It's probably about time to plan another illustrator hang out!