Ivy + Bean live sketching at Oregon Children's Theatre

I had a lot of fun back in November live sketching the Oregon Children's Theatre's production of Ivy + Bean. The costumes and set were created to mimic Sophie Blackall's excellent illustrations from the books. So, I was drawing actors and a scene originally created by an illustrator - it was like a game of illustrator telephone!

(A couple of my sketches. The play was only an hour long and we were sitting in the audience, using only tiny flashlights to see. I both enjoyed and struggled with how little control I had.) 

The play was SO good - I loved it.  The actors playing the kids were only about 16 years old! They did a fantastic job.  I was surprised to learn that the director was Isaac Lamb and his wife Amy was the choreographer. Isaac and Amy are internet famous for this super sweet musical proposal:

Isaac came by and chatted with us about the production before the performance. They put these shows together in an amazingly short period of time and then only have like 4 days to rehearse on the stage at the Newmark. Combine that with the fact that many of the actors are minors and it is QUITE a feat! Impressive creative folks all around.

The Ivy + Bean production is all wrapped up but  if you live in Portland you should check out their schedule and bring all the kids you know to the next Oregon Children's Theatre show - Skippyjon Jones! Find the info here:

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