Kiva microloan

Perhaps you have heard of Kiva?  They're a non-profit organization that facilitates small loans to businesses all over the world through internet crowd funding.  They've recently launched a lending program in the United States and I was contacted by them through my business mentor, Margo Wendorf, to see if I'd be interested in getting a loan set up in time for their Oregon launch.

I said sure!  I've had a wish list of supplies and equipment for quite awhile and not had the means to purchase any of them.  So, as of last week I'm live on their website.  I'm looking for small loans (as low as $25) from friends and strangers to help me be able to get the the next level in my business.

You can view my loan here: https://zip.kiva.org/loans/1437
(All funds loaned through this link will receive a matching amount from an anonymous donor to Kiva.)

It's such a great program!  Be sure to look at all the other interesting businesses and people on the site.  I wish I could afford to give loans to all these great projects!

The Oregon launch party was really interesting and it was incredibly inspiring to see all sorts of people taking the first steps in building a small business.   (Be sure to find Cynthia of Maid Aid, she was the sweetest!)  First lady of Oregon, Cylvia Hayes, gave a keynote address about the importance of supporting low income folks in starting businesses, which - heck yeah!  So, all around a pretty good day.

Thank you in advance if you're able to support me!  I really appreciate it!!!

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