Funny and smart.  Isn't that the best combination?  I went to see Sherman Alexie read from his new book Blasphemy, last night at the Bagdad.  Here's what I could see:
The place was packed!  His readings are more like stand up comedy.  We heard about how he lost his virginity to a lesbian, pooped in his pants in public, and that he sees a psychotherapist.  But also he read a few short stories from the new book and answered audience questions.

A young girl asked Mr. Alexie if he plans to write any more books for children.  He answered that there is a sequel in the works to The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian.  (I adore that book.  I've gotten into the habit of using it as my go to gift for all things.  You will probably get a copy for your birthday. In addition, I would highly recommend listening the the audiobook version.  It's narrated by Mr. Alexie himself and is just wonderful.)  Anyhow, the sequel will be the same tale told from the perspective of Rowdy!  I can barely wait.

He also said that he's been trying to write a picture book.  A picture book!  And that "Picture books are HAAARD!  Picture books are HAAARD!  Picture books are HAAAAAAARD!"  He's come up with about 35 ideas so far, all bad.  It's true, picture books are HARD! 

At the end of the night a teenaged boy came up to the microphone and said he had never finished a book before, never liked a book before and that he loved The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian and is so happy to finally have a favorite book.  He said his brother also felt the same.  So, Mr. Alexie took the kid's cell phone and called the brother right there while on stage.  It was incredibly touching. 

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Abbey said...

I wish I had been there! I love him, and I love that book, too.