illustration friday: spooky

This fellow is pretty spooky i think.

Chris suggested that perhaps he should be viewed like so:

(Yes, he is from the collage project I shared in my previous post.)


Chris Chuckry said...

I think he's pretty spooky too! I like your warm up collage idea so much that I think I'll give it a go. It might help keep the studio cleaner too. I like the loose, fun way you handled the line and paint here.


Abigail Marble said...

Hey Kate -- love spooky guy, and I like your other collages too. Will this be our 'creative prompt' I wonder?

Your daily practice is inspiring...

Laia said...

very spooky/interesting character, both lying down and sitting up.

i like your blog!

Kristin Dudish said...

Any way you turn him I think he's pretty spooky too!

kate said...

Thanks everyone!

Yes, Abbie you have guessed the prompt I was considering using, you are too clever. Maybe I'll have to think of a twist to add to it.